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gutter guard can prevent birds from entering your roof through the gutter

Steel Gutter Barrier for Bird Control a better way to keep birds out of your house roof and gutters

Close up of installed gutter protection

Manufactured to fit corrugated or trimdek roofs, 1200mm removable sections the best way to protect from birds and bush fire ember attack

tiled roof with gutter guard being installed

For tile roofs the guard is fitted under the first row of tiles so the tiles mesh neatly into the stepped guard

box gutter in Launceston with installation of gutter guard

New Gutter Guard can be installed on residential homes and custom made for commercial buildings

A1 Colorbond Gutter Guard Installation in Tasmania – Tassie Gutter Guard Experts


Best 3 Way Gutter Protection Solutions from Birds – Leaves – Bushfire Embers

Bird Proof Gutters – Bird Management Solutions – Pest Control – Bush Fire Ember Attack Protection

CSIRO Fire Rated – BHP Colorbond Steel – 1200mm Sections allows removal

Sheffield – Devonport – Port Sorell – Launceston – Evandale 


Bird Control Service – Ultimate Gutter Guard Barrier System – Bush Fire Ember Protection in Tasmania

That is why we use the affordable “The Leaf Man” BHP Steel Colorbond Gutter Guard which is an amazing product and the ultimate gutter protection system you can have installed on your home. Unlike many leaf guards it has the bonus of being CSIRO fire rated.

CSIRO has granted The Leaf Man Ember Guard a zero-flammability certificate that means it has zero chance of catching alight in a fire.

It keeps leaves out, bird proofs gutters and your roof and provides a barrier from bush fire ember attack. Installing this new gutter protector will provide the solution to leaves, debris, bushfire embers, birds and vermin that may try to enter your house via the guttering. The Leaf Man Gutter Shield Protection is manufactured from BHP Colorbond Steel and is available in all the awesome Colorbond colours.


Why Install Gutter Guard?

Having problems with birds and leaves in your gutters at Launceston, Evandale, Devonport, Port Sorell or surrounding areas? Sparrows, starlings and pigeons can make a big mess nesting in your gutters and roof. Their droppings contain bacteria which can harm the health of your family. Wind also blows leaves and debris onto your roof and gutters. Debris then builds up in the guttering and then washes it into the downpipes. It then washes into the storm water pipes. All of this causes the downpipes to block up allowing rainwater to back up in the gutters and then it can flood into your house. The solution to this? Installing gutter guard can resolve this issue. Colorbond gutter guard installed on your gutters will stop debris building up in your gutters, downpipes and storm water.

To overcome these problems and stop flooding and birds from entering and nesting in your gutters and roof by having colorbond gutter guard installed. Installation is by your local Tasmanian Roof Plumber Tony Winwood. Tony the owner of Tassie Isle Property Services are suppliers of the best gutter barrier and gutter protection systems for bird proofing and bush fire protection for your home.


Quality Products Used

Sadly, a lot of people use cheap budget plastic gutter mesh which is completely useless. The result? Birds can remove this type of gutter cover. Resulting in a barrage of birds entering your roof via the gutters and making your roof and gutters dirty and causing birds to be unstoppable. So, beware of using the cheap budget based plastic spouting guards that are on the market. You may think you are getting a bargain, but you will end up having big problems. So contact us to solve your bird problems by having metal gutter guard installed. Yes steel leaf guard is far superior to plastic gutter guard.


How is Gutter Guard Installed?

As Qualified Roof Plumbers and with OHS safety as a priority we use scaffolding to install all products safely. We take great care so your garden, gutters and property are not damaged. All debris in the guttering is scooped out. Gutters and downpipes are then flushed with water to make the guttering thoroughly clean. We even provide our own hoses. The guard can then be installed. The guard fits into the top roll of the gutter and then is fastened to the roof sheets using small factory supplied fasteners. Once all of this is completed your gutters will be bird proof. The added bonus is that leaf guard will help protect your home from bush fire ember attack.


Bird Proofing

This colorbond metal gutter guard fits under tiles or meshes into any colorbond corrugated or trimdek metal roof profile. Birds will never get through it making it a complete bird removal service through birds entering the roof via your gutters. It can also be custom made to suit commercial box gutters. Unlike continuous aluminium gutter guard protection, the Leaf Man comes in 1200 mm lengths which means it can be removed to clean gutters when needed.

Yes, gutters still need cleaning, and this unique gutter guard system allows this unlike continuous guard. Beware there are cheap plastic and lightweight steel gutter protection products around, but they do not protect your home from bushfires and debris from trees etc. So, call us for a FREE QUOTE today to have a proven new colorbond gutter protection system installed on your home in Launceston or Evandale areas.

Product Bushfire Rating

Why have Bush Fire Ember Attack Protection? Homes can burn down from embers from bushfires up to five kilometres away. 80% of houses burning down in bush fires start this way. If you have leaves and branches in your gutters, this can be starting point that could burn your house down. This is an exceptionally good reason to cover your spouting with gutter guard.

 CSIRO has granted The Leaf Man Ember Guard a zero-flammability certificate that means it has zero chance of catching alight in a fire. This is because the aperture or openings of the guard is designed to stop embers entering the roof space of your home. This makes the Leaf Man Leaf Guard the right choice to protect your family and property from bushfire ember attack.

Leaf Man Guard Specifications

Versatile: Suitable for all Residential, Commercial & Industrial gutter types.

Material: BlueScope Powder Coated Zinculume® Steel.

Colours: All Colorbond® Colours & Zinculume®.

Powder coated: 360°coverage – no metal to metal reactions, enviro-friendly.

Thickness: 0.55mm at lowest point to 2.00mm at raised aperture.

Length: 1200mm for easy removal to access guttering.

Width: Standard 195mm, plus made-to-order up to 800mm and over available

Apertures: Expanded and raised eyelets – BCA compliant.

Compliance: Council approved, AS1530Pt3 compliant, BCA compliant.

Positioning: Positioning of apertures is determined by pitch of roof and gutter.

Fire Rating: Rated 0 on the Flammability Index from the CSIRO



Manufactured from BHP Colorbond Steel it comes with a 25 year warranty for non coastal homes.


Colorbond Steel versus Plastic
colorbond gutter guard e use

Colorbond steel gutter guard that is bird proof and will not melt in a bushfire

gutter guard made of plastic

Plastic gutter guard that birds can easily remove and bushfire embers will melt

You may be tempted to purchase and install the cheaper plastic gutter guard system. Plastic leaf guards can be easily pulled out by birds, eventually curl up losing there effectiveness thus allowing debris and birds to get in the guttering. Plus plastic guards have large openings allowing small vermin, twigs and leaves to enter the gutter and roof space. Compared to colorbond gutter guard that’s has tiny openings or aperture, is fastened to the roof and made from colorbond steel. Birds can not remove this gutter mesh thus stopping them entering your gutters. Colorbond steel has zincalume under the colorbond powder coating. Thus giving it a superior rust proof protection. In summary plastic guards do not provide any gutter protection while steel gutter mesh provides bird proofing and bush fire ember attack protection. Also the Leaf Man gutter guard we use has zero flammability fire rating from CSIRO which is a further reason to use colorbond steel to plastic leaf guards. Contact Tassie Isle Property Services today installers of colorbond gutter guard for a free measure and written quote.
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